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Why Use a Wildlife Resistant Garbage Container?

Garbage Bear

One of the joys of visiting cottage country is the exposure that you get to wildlife. When people visit, the question is almost always asked " Do you see any _____ (foxes, bears, wolves, deer, porcupines, skunks....) around here?" When you see a cluster of cars at the side of the road, you can generally expect that someone has seen some wildlife. These interactions with nature generally make us appreciative of our environment and it's inhabitants.

But when that wildlife gets into our garbage, these interactions are not so positive and we create "nuisance" animals. Bears and other animals that regularly raid garbage containers become a hazard to us and to themselves. The outcomes are not usually positive for either. The "food" that attracts wildlife to our garbage generally leads to some unpleasant results:

  • Wildlife becomes accustomed to being around humans
  • Large animals like bears can be shot or relocated.
  • Animals can be hit by cars.
  • Pets may become involved in an altercation
  • Sickness can result from tainted food or chemicals in the garbage
and who really wants to spend their morning cleaning up a mess.

Bear and animal resistant garbage containers can solve this potential problem. By storing garbage properly, even the largest animals will not be able to get at the garbage. Once the animal determines that it cannot get the "meal" it was hoping for, it will not bother to return.

Have a look at the following video which gives the insights from the folks at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre:

Muskoka Wildlife Centre Discusses Wildlife Resistant Garbage Bins:

Bear resistant garbage containers made by Tyedee Bin have been developed, tested, developed and then tested some more. Below are a couple of videos showing testing with real bears. You will easily see why your regular garbage containers, wooden sheds or bins do not stand a chance against a determined bear.

Grizzly Bear Test Video on CTV

Black Bear Test Video on CTV