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Water Sports

Banana Boat Tubes

Resorts and camps have been using them for years. These large capacity in line towable tubes are great fun for your family and guests.

Muskoka Surfboard

Combining the best of surfing and water skiing, this is surfing Muskoka style! All new, retro fun for the whole family.

Towable Discs & Knee Boards

Towable Discs and Knee Boards are great fun, and anyone can ride one.

Towable Tubes

Grab a friend or go alone, there is a towable tube for kids of all ages! Go for a high flying, radical ride or a kid friendly skim across the lake.

Water Skis

Take a ride down memory lane. Sea Gliders water skis have the classic style from an era past using the technology and performance of today

Products On Sale

Muskoka Kite Surfboard

$479.99 CAD

$429.99 CAD

Sea Gliders Sensor Slalom Water Ski

$449.00 CAD

$359.00 CAD
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