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PolyDock Modular Plastic Floating Dock

PolyDock Modular Plastic Floating Dock
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PolyDock is a modular, rotationally moulded, polyethylene, floating dock system designed to look great at your shoreline, and provide you with exceptional value for years. The recessed areas on the bottom of each section help to provide stability between the dock and the surface of the water. This means less movement as you walk the length and width of your dock system. PolyDock is designed to feel firm and sure underfoot with it's slip-resistant, brick patterned surface.
  • Quality made by ShoreMaster Docks, one of the largest dock manufacturers in the world
  • Premium stability on water with a safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to install
  • Modular design with unlimited versatility
  • Hydrophobic vent to accommodate changing climates and temperatures
  • Aesthetically pleasing brick pattern design
  • Cool-to-the-touch tan coloring
  • PolyDock Connectors span the entire length or width of each dock- to-dock connection point for a secure and clean looking connection. 
  • Made from 100% Polyethylene, 1/4" nominal thickness with UV inhibitor to avoid fading
  • PolyDock Available Sizes - 3' x 10', 4' x 6', 4' x 10', 5' x 10' and 6' x 8'
  • 4' Corner Section smooths transition to "L" and "T" Sections
  • Variety of anchoring options to suit just about any shoreline
  • Add Shoremaster Quick Connect Dock Accessories including cleats, ladders and bumpers
  • Shoremaster Quick Connect Dock Furniture expands your dock lounging space
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PolyDock Dock Sections
Size Width Length Height Weight Capacity
5 x 10 Section 65.5" 123.7″ 16″ 340 lbs 3375 lbs
6 x 8 Section 72.7″ 101.7″ 16″ 330 lbs 3075 lbs
4 x 10 Section 50.9″ 123.7″ 16″ 265 lbs 2625 lbs
3 x 10 Section 36.4″ 123.7″ 16″ 200 lbs 1875 lbs
4 x 6 Section 50.9″ 72.7″ 16″ 160 lbs 1550 lbs
4' Corner Section 50.5″ 50.5″ 16″ 110 lbs 225 lbs