1/2 HP Arbrux De-Icer

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Arctic proven deicers / bubblers prevent ice damage to docks, boathouses, and boats for winter long peace of mind. 3/4 Horsepower dock bubbler performance in a 1/2 Horsepower rating!

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De-Icers/ Bubblers are one of the most important tools you can use to protect your outdoor assets from expensive winter ice damage. Arbrux de-icers / bubblers have been proven reliable in harsh Canadian winters. The high speed propeller brings the warmer, deep water to the surface creating open water. In most cases an Arbrux de-icer / bubbler is placed at a 5-foot depth and will keep a 40-foot circle of water ice free during extremely cold temperatures. They are inexpensive insurance to help prevent winter ice damage. Arbrux de-icers / bubblers protect against a variety of winter threats including ice damage to docks, boats, and marinas, as well as winter fish kill.

Benefits of installing an Arbrux Dock De-Icer / Bubbler:

  1. Protect your boat, cottage dock, and marina from expensive ice damage.
  2. Protect your stocked ponds from winter fish kill
  3. Maintenance free
  4. Easy installation

Why should you choose an Arbrux Dock De-Icer / Bubbler?

The answer is simple. Our de-icers / bubblers use maintenance free stainless steel, water cooled, and water lubricated continuous duty motors. Many of our competitors use an oil filled aluminum motor requiring expensive regular maintenance. Competitor propellers typically are flexible nylon that break easily, while ours use a proprietary composite that has been impact tested with a steel bar while running with reduced risk of failure. Arbrux dock de-icers / bubblers also have a protective structure around the propeller to prevent power cable damage while allowing leaves and other small debris to pass through. Arbrux also manufactures industrial-de-icers, capable of withstanding most ruthless winter conditions from the Northwest Territories to Alaska, in order to protect barges or power dams from ice. The toughest deicer just got tougher! Arbrux deicers / bubblers come with a motor mount made of welded stainless steel for increased strength and durability.

Features of Arbrux De-Icers / Bubblers:

  • Powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water-lubricated submersible motor
  • 1.6 service factor means greater than 3/4 horsepower performance with a 1/2 horsepower rating.
  • Motor mount made of welded stainless steel for increased strength and durability
  • Motor Mount protects power cord from propeller damage
  • Strong durable propeller made from impact tested proprietary composite
  • Improved performance in shallow water
  • Large intake area to prevent fall leaf clogging
  • Mooring ropes included with purchase
  • Can be installed in an augured hole
  • Optional Accessories include a temperature thermostat and/ or 120V Timers
  • A 3-year warranty accompanies each de-icer / bubbler

Additional information

Available Power

110V/115V/120V (single phase) (residential power), 220V/230V/240V (single phase) (residential power)

Power Cord Length

15m, 30m, 7.5m

How to Install a Dock or Boat De-Icer


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Warranty Information

All Arbrux de-icers/ bubblers come with a 3 year warranty.

Safety Listed & Protected

Each de-icer/ bubbler is electrically safety tested and listed with ETL to CSA and UL standards.