Rave Anchor Harness



This replacement Rave multi-point anchor harness is used to allow connection of your anchoring system to your water trampoline. The bridle connects to rings on the inside of the water trampoline tube to provide a single connection point for your anchor line.

Choose the correct anchor harness for your Rave water trampoline model.

  1. Make sure it is from Rave Sports. Rave water trampolines have either alternating blue and yellow or beige and green panels.
  2. Determine if you have a Bongo Bouncer (no springs) or an Aqua Jump water trampoline (with springs)
  3. If you have an Aqua Jump, determine if you have an Eclipse (newer with no metal frame) or Classic (older with metal frame).
  4. Determine the model by measuring the outside dimension of the inflated tube

If you have questions please contact us.

Bongo 15 AquaJump Eclipse 150 AquaJump Eclipse 200
AquaJump Classic 15 AquaJump Classic 20 AquaJump Classic 25

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AquaJump 15 Classic, AquaJump 150 Eclipse, AquaJump 20 Classic, AquaJump 200 Eclipse, AquaJump 25 Classic, Bongo 15