Rave Saturn 12ft Water Toy

$3,499.95 CAD On Sale!


Climb aboard the Rave Saturn water toy, a floating, tilting, spinning planet. Move from side to side and watch the rocker tilt, or try to scale the globe from your perch upon its rings. Your movements will cause the Saturn to rotate in the water. Twelve big feet of rocking water fun for all ages!


  • Quality made by Rave Sports
  • For use with up to 4 users, 1000 lbs max
  • Constructed of durable commercial grade 28 oz. fabric reinforced PVC with reinforced seams
  • 18 Easy Grip handles
  • Easily inflated with a high speed inflator available separately.
  • Easily anchor anywhere with the 3 point swivel anchor harness
  • 18 easy grip handles
  • 3 Commercial grade Halkey Roberts valves
  • Commercial Quality; used by cottagers, resorts and camps everywhere.
  • Includes a patch kit and inflation adapter
  • Shipping dimensions: 32” L x 24” W x 19” H
  • Weight 113 lb
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Additional information

Weight 113 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 19 in


Rave Saturn 12 Video