Roll-N-Go Shore Dock Extensions

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Choose from a variety of Roll-n-Go shore dock accessories to customize your Roll-n-Go kit to suit your specific application. With an extension you can allow for shallower applications or when you want to secure your watercraft further on shore. Supports are useful for stabilizing your shore ramp on uneven surfaces. An auto-brake winch is useful for steeper applications.

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PWC Extension
8 feet long View Diagram
Model 750 Extension
9 feet long View Diagram
Model 1200 Extension
9 feet long View Diagram
Model 2000 Extension
9 feet long View Diagram
Pontoon Extension
9 feet long View Diagram
Winch Upgrade: 1,500 lb, self braking with 50′ of stainless steel cable and hook (replaces 1700 lb standard winch) Autobrake feature provides extra safety for steeper shores.
Ground Anchor Kit: Recommended when using PWC Extension.
Includes anchor, chain and hardware. Supplied in all other kits.
Basic Leg Support Kit: For use with 1200, 2000 and Pontoon models to help level your docking system when the ground is uneven. Includes pipe brackets, base plates and hardware. You supply readily available 1-1/4″ i.d. pipe
Wide Support Kit: For use with the Basic Leg Kit (shown above) to provide extra stability. Includes 78″ beam with end brackets to attach to your docking system.

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Shore Dock Extensions

Basic Leg Support Kit, Ground Anchor Kit, Model 1200 Extension, Model 2000 Extension, Model 750 Extension, Pontoon Extension, PWC Extension, Wide Support Kit, Winch Upgrade