Indikon Repelin Anti-Fouling Coating



Indikon Water Park Supplies have been specially formulated for care and maintenance of your inflatable water toy. Protect your investment, keep it attractive and lengthen the life of your expensive water sports equipment.

Repelin is a super slippery polymeric coating that makes it difficult for marine life to attach to your inflatable water toy. Slime will form on the surface but this can easily be removed by wiping with a sponge. If slime is kept off, marine life will not attach.

Apply over Polyguard on all surfaces below the waterline. For optimum performance, re-apply every 3 to 6 months.

  • 8 oz Size provides coverage of 250 ft² (12′ – 13′ water trampoline)
  • Reduce attachment of marine life and to make clean up easier
  • Eco Friendly, no biocides
  • Will not degrade the fabric or seam adhesives

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