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Ultimate Fun at the Inflatable Park on Water: Your Summer Adventure Awaits!

What is an inflatable park on water and how can you have one at your own lakefront? Jump right into our comprehensive guide for an exciting escape that promises slides, obstacles, and activities for thrill-seekers of all ages. We’ll show you how to select, set up, and enjoy these floating play lands while prioritizing safety—your blueprint for the coolest summer adventures starts here.

Key Takeaways

  • Inflatable water parks are a fantastic way to turn lakefronts into family fun zones, offering slides, climbing walls, and splash pads that are easy to set up and dismantle.
  • Safety and enjoyment go hand-in-hand at inflatable water parks with essential gear like life vests, supervision strategies, and using quality, non-slip materials for climbing and sliding.
  • Maximizing your water park adventure involves choosing the right attractions, staying sun-safe with sunscreen and protective swimwear, and ensuring you have all the necessary accessories for a comfortable and energetic day.

Dive into the Fun: Inflatable Water Parks for Your Lakefront

An inflatable water park is a wonder waiting to be unfurled. Cottage Spot brings you a wide range of inflatable water parks designed to transform waterfront properties into summer hotspots. These parks cater to all ages and feature slides, climbing walls, and splash pads for family entertainment.

Plus, they’re easy to set up and dismantle, making them the perfect seasonal addition to your lakefront property.

Choosing Your Water Park

When selecting a water park, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • The ages and sizes of future users to ensure its appropriateness
  • The potential growth of children and their sustained interest over the years to gauge the longevity of the park
  • The inflatable water park’s footprint, including its length, width, and clearance from overhead obstructions

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the right inflatable water park for your needs.

Anchors Away

Anchors play a vital role in stabilizing inflatable water slides. Here are some important considerations for anchoring:

  • Anchor lines should be twice the water’s depth.
  • Multiple anchors are necessary to distribute pressure evenly and adapt to varying water conditions such as tides or waves.
  • This enhances both the stability and safety of the setup.

Anchor setups may involve:

  • Concrete blocks or metal weights
  • Positioning corner pieces
  • Connecting smaller items in groups
  • Securing them with chains to the weights in a practical layout.

Pump It Up

With the right electric air pump, the setup process of your inflatable water park becomes straightforward. The pump should feature:

  • An auto-stop/shutoff mechanism to avoid overheating
  • An accurate pressure gauge to monitor inflation levels
  • A variety of nozzle sizes to accommodate different inflatable types

Furthermore, for frequent setups, portability, and easy storage become significant factors in selecting an air inflator pump.

Bundle and Save

Who doesn’t love budget-friendly options? Aquaglide presents bundled water park packages as a comprehensive solution for customers eager to explore a range of inflatable attractions. Special pricing make it economical for you to purchase larger groups of inflatables to enjoy your water park together even more.

Opting for a bundled package simplifies the process and can offer significant savings. Contact Cottage Spot today and let’s create the perfect waterpark for you.

Accessorize Your Park

Accessories are integral to a day full of fun at a water park. Life vests, in particular, guarantee the safety of swimmers across different skill levels and activities in an inflatable water park. Water toys, including water noodles and floating rings, add extra enjoyment and aid in the swimming experience for younger visitors. Toys like the Rave Saturn are also a great way to add fun to your water park.

Also, remember, keeping your inflatable water park in optimal condition with regular repair and maintenance ensures lasting fun for visitors.

Inflate the Fun: Water Slides, Climbers, Swings, and More

Introducing an inflatable water park to your lakefront property ushers in a realm of enjoyment! Cottage Spot offers a wide range of inflatable water attractions including:

These world-class attractions cater to various ages and energy levels, making them perfect for families to visit.

The ‘Water Slides, Climbers, Swings and More’ category is included in the range of products available, ensuring a memorable and thrilling experience.

The Height of Excitement

Elevate your summer enjoyment with the thrill of tall water slides. These slides, ranging from 15 to 37 feet, offer an adrenaline-pumping experience suitable for both teens and adults. Just remember to maintain clearance around the slide and meet the age and height requirements to experience the peak of excitement with the added assurance of safety.

Climb, Jump, Battle

Inflatable water parks offer obstacle courses with climbing elements, presenting a fun and engaging physical challenge. So whether you’re in the mood for a friendly climb-off or a thrilling jump race, these type of parks have got you covered. Climbers like the Aquaglide Escalade Summit and the Everest Water Slide and Climber can be paired with any other inflatables for a fantastic water park!

Sun, Swim, and Swing: Creating the Perfect Day at Your Water Park

A day at your very own inflatable water park can be as perfect as you make it! Here are some tips to make the most of your day:

  • Apply sunscreen before getting in the water and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.
  • Take water breaks every couple of hours to stay hydrated.
  • Bring socks to wear on the inflatables.
  • Bring a towel to dry off after getting wet.
  • Come with lots of energy for a full day of fun!

Enhance your comfort with features like Lounge Chairs, side tables or Adirondack Chairs. Patio furniture and Dining tables are also perfect shore companions to your new water park and will encourage yourself and your guests to enjoy the water long after the sun goes down and the water Inflatables are away until the next day filled with water-inflatable fun.

Stay Sun Safe

Safeguarding against the sun is of utmost importance. Here are some tips to protect yourself:

  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed body parts, such as the tops of feet, hands, ears, and scalp. Remember, even “waterproof” sunscreen needs to be reapplied after 90 minutes in the water.
  • Use lip balm with sunscreen to protect lips from sun damage.
  • Consider UV-protective swimwear, with some offering UPF 50+ protection.

Rash guards and swim shirts can provide additional sun protection and skin coverage.

Refuel and Relax

Maintaining high energy levels is key to enjoying a day at your new Water park from Cottage Spot. Start with a nutritious breakfast, pack healthy snacks, and opt for meals like salads, grilled vegetables, or hummus with fresh fruit. Take a mid-day break in your Aquaglide OG Lounge to enjoy a picnic lunch with pre-made wraps or pasta salad, perfect for refueling before more playtime in your session.

Making Waves: Water Trampolines and Bouncers

No water park is truly complete without the exhilarating bouncing fun! Cottage Spot’s range of water trampolines and bouncers adds a new dimension to the water park setup with diverse options for bouncing and playing on the water. Options include the Aquaglide Rebound 20 Bouncer with its eight-sided design and SwimStep boarding platform, as well as various models like the Rave Bongo Bouncer and the Rave Bongo Bouncer Northwoods.

Attachments for Adventure

A water park can be as unique as you want it to be; let your imagination run wild! With various attachments for your water trampolines and bouncers like the Aquaglide C-Deck Boarding Platform seen above, you can customize your water park to your liking. Mix and match to create an exciting setup that will keep all your guests entertained for hours. Some popular attachments for water trampolines and bouncers include:

  • Water slides
  • Climbing walls
  • Water launch pads
  • Water obstacle courses
  • Water basketball hoops

Get creative and design the perfect water park for your next outdoor adventure! Contact us at Cottage Spot and we can help you build your dream Water park!

Your Inflatable Park, Your Rules

When dealing with water parks, safety takes precedence. The floating water parks prioritize safety by using certified safety products and mandating participants to wear life vests and attend safety briefings. High-quality inflatable water slides feature special non-slip vinyl to reduce slips and falls, enhancing safety for climbing and sliding activities. Furthermore, enforcing safe play rules is essential.

Life Vests: A Must-Have

Drowning is the leading cause of visitor deaths in national parks and beaches, which can often be preventable by consistently wearing a life jacket during water-related activities. Life vests for water parks should be made from lightweight, buoyant materials with secure fastening mechanisms. It is mandatory for non-swimmers and children shorter than four feet to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Supervision Strategies

Adult supervision is key in inflatable water parks to enforce rules and guidelines for safe play. No distractions should be allowed for the overseeing adult to ensure continuous supervision in a bounce house or inflatable water park.

Buddy systems, often established among friends, should be used for children, and swimming should only occur in areas where a lifeguard is present.

Visualizing Your Inflatable Water Park

Effective planning of your inflatable water park hinges on visualization. Using visual aids such as images, graphs, and charts can help you grasp the layout and scale of your proposed setups. You can even start to plan by drawing out your vision on just a plain piece of paper. Browse our selection of inflatables and see what ignites your creativity and imagination. Think of all those days of fun on the water and see what you can dream up for your perfect Water Park.

These visualization tools can easily interpret the data and envision how an inflatable water park might look on your own property. When you are ready to make your dream a reality, contact us here at Cottage Spot and we can help you make it happen!

Connect and Extend: Linking to Other Water Activities

The water park experience extends beyond the confines of the inflatable park. Cottage Spot offers a variety of water sport products including SUP boards, pool toys, rafts, loungers & mats, as well as Patio Furniture and Fire Bowls & Pits to help enhance your shoreline experience.

SUP boards and Inflatable Kayaks add a relaxing dimension to the inflatable water park, allowing visitors to calmly explore the water at their own pace.

Beyond the Park

The adventure extends beyond the inflatable park with remote control boats, submarines, and kayaks. These are interactive water activities that add excitement alongside traditional inflatable park pursuits.

So whether you want to take a relaxing kayak ride or race remote control boats, there’s something for everyone and a water park and inflatables from Cottage Spot can help you create that perfect summer vibe .


Inflatable water parks are an exciting addition to any lakefront property. From choosing the right park to accessorizing it, from planning the perfect day to ensuring safety, Cottage Spot can help you achieve your Water Park goals. So, get ready to dive into the fun, inflate the excitement, make waves, and set your rules because your very own inflatable park is waiting for you to explore it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the biggest inflatable water park in the USA?

The biggest inflatable water park in the USA is located at Lake McSwain Recreation Area – Splash-n-Dash Aqua Park, providing high-energy fun for the whole family. Check it out for an all-day experience!

How safe are inflatable water slides?

Inflatable water slides can pose safety risks, such as deflating during use and tipping over, making them potentially unsafe for users. It’s important to be cautious when using them.

How to start an inflatable water park business?

To start an inflatable water park business, begin by finding a suitable location, conducting research, writing a business plan, securing funding, preparing the park layout, obtaining permission and insurance and then opening a business bank account. Next is the fun part of ordering the necessary park items from Cottage Spot and setting them up when they arrive on time and as ordered. Good luck with your Water Park venture!

What are some good exercises to improve my water skiing skills?

To improve your water skiing skills, try balance exercises, yoga, pilates, and leg workouts. These activities can enhance your strength and stability, leading to better performance on the water.

What should I consider while choosing an inflatable water park?

When choosing an inflatable water park, consider factors like the age and size of the users, available space, and the longevity of the park for the best choice.